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Have you ever read something and all the while you re thinking this is such a huge pile of manure! ? Recently I went to a blog site that was advocating the purchase of website traffic.  They were laying out a very logical argument for buying traffic based on their websites numbers prior to buying traffic and then after purchasing traffic. They were mentioning the fact that they were experiencing a bounce rate of over 86% and with very little direct traffic or referral traffic. The before and after analytics were quite startling. That is until I used my handy dandy little plugin called Page Rank.  That was when I discovered why they had such little traffic to their website Increase Website Traffic for Free By Creating More Content If you have read any of my previous blogs you know that I have said this before but I have to keep hitting on it because people are not getting it. You have to create content and lots of it. That is the most important factor in creating free traffic to you

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