How Much Money Do I Need Retire?

If you re asking yourself that question, most likely you would like to retire yesterday. I was asking myself that question about a year ago when I was all of 48. If you are like I was, you are realizing the day to day grind of a unfulfilling career is taking it s toll on your mind, body and spirit. The truth is most people will not have enough money to retire and still maintain the lifestyle that they are currently enjoying. The first few years after the traditional age of 65 retirement will be fairly normal without much change in your lifestyle. After that, however, the ever growing cost of  prescriptions, medicare insurance supplements and taxes will take their toll. Trying to plan for those expenses is difficult because there is no crystal ball available to see the actual costs. That in combination with social security payouts becoming more and more meager make it difficult for people to thrive let alone survive. Those who would suggest that the know the magic number are guessing

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