Finish Line Network Review- Holy Grail or Pile of Crap

Today we are doing a Finish Line Network Review. The question is, is this a pre-launch or really a rehash of the same old scams that we’ve seen over and over again.

Finish Line Network Review- The Business

I want to talk about the company firstly. When I first came in contact with the their websites, both on the capture page and on the back office page, I couldn’t find any written information about  who owned this business.That always makes me apprehensive about a businesses prospects.

I did a web examination and I detected a website that stated that the Finish Line Network is an off shoot of a disappointed paid traffic seller called Traffic Authority.  Oddly enough Traffic authority started out as a MLM company called Infinite Leverage System. It looks like they’re launching Finish Line Network to sell more of their paid traffic product.

As far as ownership goes Traffic Authority is owned by three proprietors Greg Chambers, Doug Wellen and Chad Stalvey.  The owners of Traffic Authority are not documenting their ownership of Finish Line Network on their LinkedIn profiles or on the website itself, however, in one of the pre-launch landing page videos the spokesperson states that they are in fact the owners.

Finish Line Network Review- The Products

There are no retail capable offerings or services. Members can only offer memberships. Once the pre-launch is over you’ll be asked to join as a paying member.

You will be asked to join at one of three stages Rising Star for $27, Silver Package at $47, the Gold Package at 130 dollars monthly or 2997 dollars for three years. They have two high ticket training concoctions. The first being Email Revenues On-Demand for nineteen hundred and ninety seven dollars.  The second is the Digital Domination to for the low low price of  nine hundred ninety seven dollars.

Finish Line Network Review- How to Enroll

Enrollment can only occur if you follow a members link. You may receive a connection request by email, a members blog or a members YouTube channel. The members link will take you to a sales page.

The sales page will have a nice sales pitch video and then you will be asked to press a red button to register for a free account. Once you fill out the registration form then you’ll receive an email that will ask you to go over to your website entrance and log in.

Once you’ve logged in, they will direct you to a app download page. The app is through a company called Online Sales Pro. The app gives you the opportunity to do a number of things such as, email and text your contacts inviting them to enroll in FLN.

It will also give you access to join Finish Line Networks Facebook page. Once that is done you will then be able to post invitations to your Facebook friends and instant message members.  The app doesn’t do a whole lot more than create those events. I don’t know if it’s okay with you but you are mostly spamming your friends and family. That’s not the proper way to market online well.

Finish Line Network Review- The Summary

The bottom line here is that we have seen iterations of this business before.  We have seen it in Mobe, Digital Altitude and the Empower Network.  It is what is called a pay-to-play structure. Meaning you have to pay before you can be a part of this business.

Their tactics will exhort you to go all-in and buy all their high ticket training and purchase the highest membership ranks. The net result will be you come out of pocket for the same age-old rehash garbage that has been around forever. The same over priced internet marketing “how to” that’s been around forever.

Then they’ll tell you to buy traffic from Traffic Authority and refer it to one of their done-for-you sales funnels. Supposedly you will make money.  Now I have to be honest here chaps. I can’t come out and say this is a flagrant fraudulent effort.

The problem is Mobe and Digital Altitude were shut down by the FTC. Empower Network just simply went out of business. This to me is just a duplication of what we’ve seen before in these previous three businesses. I suggest you look for something better.

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